Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Furry Logic- Book Review

So good to be typing a blog post again. I have wanted to get back, as I said in my last post, to blogging. Writing (and reading) have become a struggle for me as my days consist with being a mom to a busy 10 month old, but also following a concussion. Forming thoughts and words can tend to be hard tasks for me to do.

However, I was excited when I happened to glance out the door at the nasty weather outside to see a package on the back porch. I quickly got excited thinking my long awaited present from a Christmas Swap was here, but when I opened the mailer it turned out to be my next book from Blogging For Books to review.

This is the first print copy of a book I have received from them. I was surprised at how fast it came, especially given that the Holiday Season is a time when mail delivery tends to slow due to the amount of correspondence and packages going in and out of every delivery service. 

The book was a quick read. Really this is intended to be rather quick as it pairs art work of animals with humorous quotes. I tickled my funny bone, while sitting next to my three year old nephew, who just kinda raised an eyebrow as to why his aunt was interrupting his YouTube viewing with laughter at book.

The artwork is amazing. The eyes of the animals stare out of the page and make you feel as if you are not even looking at just an animal on paper, but the real creature itself.

The book makes for a wonderful gift. I saw one idea to pair it with a mug, some hot chocolate, some candies and give that as a gift. I myself may save my copy to give away at a church function I know is coming up.

I recommend if you are having a rough time or even if you just need a short reason to laugh and smile.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays