Thursday, March 23, 2017

Writing My Wrongs

Several times in my life writing has become something powerful for me. Over the past few days I have found myself searching for inspiration through written word. One thing that inspired me is the book "Writing My wrongs" by Shaka Senghor.

The book is about how after going to prison he discovered literature, mediation, self-examination and the kindness of others.

At first when I cracked open this book I was put off. I kept asking myself if this was really my type of book. I knew it was a little out there because I tend to be hit or miss with memoirs. Until I read the pages in which the author wrote a letter to the victim that he killed.

Reading those pages inspired me in a way that I sat down and began to draw up my own letters of people that I had been murderous too lately. Mostly my husband and son, because I had let my own frustrations and anger, be cast onto them.

As I delved into the book I learned more and more how Shaka became a man who litterly "rewrote his wrong doings."

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for the inspiration that you can rebuild yourself.