Friday, April 17, 2015

Just Like It

Making lists is something I have been doing rather recently, when I think about it. Of course, there is the usual grocery list of things I need to get at the store, which usually gets added to while in the store or completly forgotten at home leaving me to shop from memory(forgetting half the items I originally had written down).

The next popular is the to do list. I am always writing down or mentally listing things that need to get done. It seems I am the pillar that holds up my family and so everyones reminders become my responisbility and I often have many task and errands to run not only for myself, but for them as well.

My latest blogging for book choice was "Go Ahead and Like It"
At first glance I thought this choice was going to be much like the books by Keri Smith, where they are interactive and you write in the book itself. When I opened it, I discovered it is a compilation of the lists the author has made throughout her lifetime. The thought of making a list of likes is still enjoyable to me because as I mentioned above my lists are often task related. So here is my list of 10 likes:

1: My son's laughter
2. My husbands breathing(knowing he is home and close by is a comfort)
3. The sound of the mailman dropping off mail
4. Scentsy warmers and bars
5. Mac and Cheese
6. Fighting my anxiety like a champ
7. The word socks
8. Flutes
9. Knitting
10. Sending mail to friends.