Tuesday, July 18, 2017

the roanoke girls

Here I am back with another book review. It has taken me a few months, lots of family injuries and chaos to start my latest review book.

The book is called The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel.

I carried the book with me for about a month and a half intending to start it and finally cracked it open the other night. It was a slow start for me, because early on in the book you learn some surprising twists about the Roanoke family. I put it down for awhile, and not to give spoilers, wondered if this was a book that I could keep on reading the issues were that much.

But over the next few days as my husband started a new work schedule I picked the book back up and began reading it again. Slowly I got hooked. I had to keep reading to reach the ending and find out the final plot twists.

If you enjoyed Flowers in the Attic (SPOILER possibility, right there) this is a new age version of that book.

Check it out for yourself if you are looking for an interesting summer read.